Govan's own orchestra




Songs of Govan Old by Norrie MacIver and the Glasgow Barons

In this new album from Norrie MacIver and the Glasgow Barons Orchestra comes a range of original songs celebrating the cultural history of Govan. Fusing Scots and Gaelic traditional music alongside the Glasgow Barons' string orchestra, the album draws on the social history of Govan's residents to highlight the individuals who made Govan.

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The Air In Between by STEG G

In this new album featuring Govanite rappers Empress, Freestyle Master, Solareye, and CCTV, Steg G's album The Air In Between explores exile, loneliness, economic activity and time and what these mean for survival. Working with the Glasgow Barons and their Artistic Director, Paul MacAlindin, the album aims to break down the invisible barriers that exist in music, culture, community, and class to help validate the artistic, educational, and cultural benefits that hip-hop brings to Scotland as a true unfiltered reflection of our communities, from the people within.

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