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Paul MacAlindin, founder and Artistic Director of The Glasgow Barons, lives in Govan. Named after the shipbuilding barons, Govan’s orchestra revitalises local venues with performances and makes music with Govan’s diverse communities. Since our first concert in Govan Old Parish Church in May 2017, we have worked with local communities and agencies to build a new story for Govan as thriving arts hub, community music centre and regeneration orchestra. Our asylum-seeking and refugee Musicians in Exile have become famous for bringing diverse peoples together to tell new stories about Scotland’s new Scots. We align closely with Glasgow University’s Riverside Innovation District, the Govan-Partick Footbridge project, Central Govan Action Plan and the local housing associations, among others, to maximise impact.

Winners of the 2019 National Diversity Award as Community Organisation for Race, Religion and Faith, we are also finalists for the 2020 Scottish Community Business and Creative Regeneration awards by the Federation of Small Businesses and Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum respectively.

Starting December 2020, we are the Glasgow Life Artist in Residence for Govan. Following an extensive community consultation in 2019, we are offering online courses in making music for diverse groups across Govan, leading up to the residency’s grand finale in June 2021.


About Paul MacAlindin
Paul MacAlindin has conducted orchestras and ensembles all over the world, from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the RSNO, the SCO, Oulu Sinfonia and Armenian Philharmonic to the ensembles of the Düsseldorf Symphoniker, Psappha and Cantiere Montepulciano. He has recorded for BBC Radio 3, WDR and Radio New Zealand. His most striking role to date has been as Music Director of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, whose story he told in UPBEAT: the Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq. In December 2017, he received the first-ever Global Blue Ocean Shift Award for innovative business strategy from the Prime Minister of Malaysia at the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit in Kuala Lumpur. He now musically directs The Glasgow Barons.

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About Govan
Govan's ancient history goes back 6000 years. Situated on the south bank of the narrowest, shallowest part of the River Clyde, it became the main crossing point for Roman, Pictish and Viking soldiers, fishers or farmers taking their livestock from one side to the other. Govan Old Parish Church is on the site of Scotland's first mainland church, dating from the 6th Century AD, the base of the Kingdom of Strathclyde. It now displays the Govan Stones, with 10th-century Celtic-Christian design innovation and distinctively "intestinal" 
knotwork exclusive to Govan.

Govan's shipyards became the largest in the world, due largely to John Elder's three innovations: the compound engine, the modern heavy engineering workshop and the integrated shipyard. Whilst Govan was the engineering hub of the British Empire, thousands of local workers were subjected to terrible conditions and exploitation. Local housewife, Mary Barbour led the famous rent strikes of 1915, successfully lobbied Parliament to control rent sharks, and went on to become the Provost of Govan.

Today, Govan is rejuvenating itself. The old buildings have been retasked for modern enterprises, the rich heritage is being honoured and many local organisations are helping people towards positive life destinations.


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All the work we do cannot be made possible without the support from Govan's communities, Creative Arts grants, and individual donations. Below you will find all the information about our funders, our awards, and how you can help to support the work of the Glasgow Barons.

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Top-notch performances at rock bottom prices and free community music projects like Musicians in Exile around Govan, one of Europe’s lowest-income areas. We need your help to rebuild Govan’s wellbeing and community after the pandemic.





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